Friday, December 7, 2012

Pinterest Friday: Pumpkin French Toast Bake

A few weeks ago I talked about how I was "Pinspired" to try a pumpkin french toast bake like this one from Minimalist Baker:

I tried this the very next day! What can I say? I'm a sucker for french toast and pumpkin! I added pumpkin coffee and it was the holy trinity of breakfasts.

Be prepared to get hungry, because here is a picture of my actual french toast bake:

pumpkin french toast bake

I did a few things differently then the recipe. I may have *ahem* tripled the pumpkin involved, going from 1/2 cup to 1 and 1/2 cups. I also omitted the vanilla, and I shouldn't have. It would have been nice. And lastly I added more bread then the recipe called for, in an attempt to compensate for the added moisture from all that extra pumpkin.

Final Verdict: Still not pumpkin-y enough. I wanted this to taste like pumpkin pie with chunks of bread floating in it, and despite my excessive use of pumpkin it fell short of that goal. It was, however, a really luscious and tasty french toast that hinted at pumpkin. I highly recommend it, although next time I will probably also decrease the milk called for if I increase the pumpkin, it was still a bit wet for my taste. And yeah, I will probably add even more pumpkin. I can't help myself.


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