Friday, December 14, 2012

Pinterest Friday: No Knead Bread

So this pin totally inspired me! It looked so easy, and we go through bread like it's going out of style in our house, so I figured we would love us some cheap, easy bread. I decided to try it with my daughter because it looked so easy and fun, and as a bonus was also egg free!

Here is the original recipe that inspired me from Alexandra Cooks:

my mother's peasant bread
That looks AMAZING....*drool*

Here is how my bread turned out:

Verdict: Yeeeeeeaaaahhhh. Not so much. 

I followed her recipe exactly, to the letter, and I in no way got the big fluffy loaf that she shows in her picture, more like flat disks. The bread was good...except that the recipe called for greasing the bowls with butter. It came out tasting a little bit like Pizza Hut deep dish pizza crust (which is delicious, I was just expecting it to taste more like french bread). And it was just flat. Next time I may let it rise a little longer.


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