Thursday, November 8, 2012

Real Mommy Outfit #2: Painting Playgroup

This is what I wore last week to a playgroup that involved four year olds painting trees:

I will admit that in retrospect the white cardigan was not my smartest choice. What you can't see is the orange paint smeared on my left sleeve. Thankfully it was the back of my sleeve which you can't see! This is another variation on my fall formula of dress/tunic over leggings plus a cardigan. It's a cute, comfy outfit, and I felt pretty fly. Minus the orange paint! But hey, I'm a mom. Orange paint is part of the fall uniform.

The other fly thing about this outfit is that it's 90% thrifted! This is my favorite dress right now, and it cost me a whopping $3.99. The whole outfit cost me less then $20, total. Including the shoes.

I also want to say something about these gold Bass flats. I picked these up at a thrift store for $4.99 two years ago. They were brand new and have been my favorite shoes since then. They are the comfiest things ever and seem to magically go with everything!

Now that I've raved about my shoes, here is what I really looked like most of the day:

My gorgeous daughter was pouty because she wanted to go play and do anything other then have her picture taken, and The Dude was (as always) eating various parts of my clothing. Life is good.

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