Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinterest Friday: Pinspired

Since this has been a busy week for us (thank you EVERYONE for visiting our blog!), we are keeping Pinterest Friday simple! Instead of picking one pin to try, we are going to a Pinterest "round-up" where we share the pins we are dying to try out!

Hilary's Top Three Pins 

1. I am in the crocheting mood.  Something about the cold weather and tons of skeins of yarn lying around means all I want to do is make scarves.  I have made several in the past few weeks, but they are all thick, warm scarves.  I love them, but they are too thick, big or warm to wear indoors!  So I want a lacy scarf pattern that I can wear indoors and not look silly!  There are tons of great lacy scarf patterns, but I've been eye-ing this one from The Art of Zen Crochet:

2. Last, I LOVE big chunky necklaces.  I have one that I bought and wear constantly, but I'd love a few more.  Unfortunately, they are often expensive, so I haven't purchased anymore.  I was totally excited when I found this a few nights ago from Natalie at Doodle Craft (this is a great website!  She is super talented!):

And for those who don't want to make them, she has an awesome Etsy store with tons of these necklaces for sale!

Jessica's Top Three Pins

1. Mermaid Doll from Jennifer at the crafting fiend:

My daughter is obsessed with anything ocean related right now (sharks are her favorite animals!) and this is on my list to make for her for Christmas.

2. Pumpkin French Toast Bake from Food Gawker:


My daughter just got cleared by her allergist to eat eggs, after three years of dealing with an infant egg allergy! Since we've gone three years without french toast, that is going to need to END! I'm making this recipe tomorrow morning and I will be sure to take pictures for you all.

3. DIY Cream of "Something" Soup from One Orange Giraffe:

We make a lot of casseroles, and with Freezer Cooking Week coming up on our blog, we're going to try and do a lot of casseroles to freeze! Since Campbell's "cream of" soups are pretty dang expensive this recipe looks like a cool way to save money.


Thanks so much for your comments! We love hearing from you!

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