Friday, November 2, 2012

Pinterest Friday: GAK!

Does anyone else remember Gak from back in the early '90's? I used to be so grossed out by the stuff, but my little brother loved it. Well it turns out that, according to Pinterest, Gak isn't hard to make. And apparently it's a real crowd pleaser for the preschool age. So my daughter and I decided to test out a recipe!

Here is the original inspiration from Simply Kierste:

We followed the recipe exactly, and it worked! We dyed ours pink, because everything she touches these days needs to be pink. It is just like the original, super disgusting Gak from my childhood, and my preschooler was really into it! Our Gak even has that weird feeling of being wet without actually leaving any moisture on your hands....creepy. Oh yeah, and it also makes authentic fart noises when shoved forcibly into a small container.

Verdict: It worked!

Making Gak at home


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