Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Use for your Homemade Baby Oatmeal

My Dude is to the point where he gets really angry at me if I dare to try and feed him with a spoon. You can almost hear him screaming "MOM! I DO IT MYSELF!" Sadly, what I actually hear is "Aaauuuuuugh! Aauuuuuuuuuunnnnnh!" Punctuated by loud furious banging on his high chair tray.

It's hard though. The Dude is only seven months old! The finger foods that are safe for his age are all really slimy and hard to grab for a baby who is still developing his pincher grasp. Heck, things like bananas and avocados are hard for me to pick up sometimes! So today I decided to try an old trick I used when my daughter was a baby. It's super handy for this age of baby.

I cut up a banana into tiny chunks:

homemade baby oatmeal-covered bananas

Then I dumped the chunks of banana into a bowl of my DIY baby oatmeal and coated it really well:

Then I fed it to The Dude. It was now dry on the outside thanks to the oatmeal, and he was able to pick it up with no problem! I didn't have to spend twenty minutes fighting to feed him and he got to be a big boy and feed himself! Happy Momma, happy Dude.

They were even tasty enough that his big sister asked for a bowl of her own for breakfast!

homemade baby oatmeal-covered bananas


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