Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thrifty Tip Tuesday!

We are always on the hunt for easy ways to save money.  Sometimes that includes finding awesome sales, scoring something cheap at a thrift store or repurposing things we have around the house.  Every Tuesday we will post random tips to help save you money!

Hilary: Tip #1: I found this tip several years ago and use it every time I deep clean my kitchen!  The inside of our microwave gets gross and I don’t like using tons of harsh chemicals to clean it (I don’t like breathing in the smell of household cleaners).  So I use lemon juice instead!  When you microwave the juice, it evaporates into great-smelling oil that loosens the food and makes it easy to wipe off.  Here are the directions!

Pour ½ cup of lemon juice into a cup (I just use a small kitchen glass).  Microwave for 5 minutes.  Immediately grab a kitchen towel and wipe off the inside of the microwave.  Voila!  It’s clean and you don’t have to spend money on fancy cleaners (or even use your sponge!).

Some people use vinegar for this.  I have found it doesn’t work as well.  Food still stays stuck!  Others use a vinegar/lemon juice mixture (since vinegar is far cheaper), but I’m not a huge fan of the smell of vinegar. 

cleaning with lemon juice
Jessica: Tip #2: My thrifty tip is something that we did about six years ago and has been saving us money every since! We do not use paper towels in our kitchen. I admit it, part of this change is due to the fact that we are somewhat crunchy at our house, but once we started I realized just how much  money you can save.

Eight years ago, we invested in enough cheap dish towels from Wal-mart (told you they were cheap!) to last us for several days of cleaning, and we use them when we have a mess instead of paper towels. Those same towels have been in use literally since we bought them, and are still going strong!

We have added cut up old bath towels since then for really grimy messes and they work fantastically. Every week I run a load of laundry on hot with lots of bleach and just wash them all at once!
What's your favorite thrifty tip?


  1. I reuse my Bounce dryer sheets on my Swiffer. They work every bit as well as the Swiffer ones.

  2. Buy 6 month of bath soap and replace as necessary, open the wrappings and it will last 4x as long in the shower or bath.

  3. Cut off the bottom of a plastic soft drink bottle and discard the cap. Then you have a large funnel useful fir larger amounts of grains, flour etc. washable and reusable and didn't cost anything.


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