Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thrifty Tip Tuesday: Cleaners and Affordable Wall Art

Jessica: My thrifty tip for today is to make your own all purpose cleaners! I started doing this because I was appalled at not only the nasty chemicals I was spraying all over my kitchen, but the fact that my kids then ate food from and touched those surfaces. Once I got started making my own cleaners, I realized that they are also super cost effective!

easy all purpose cleaner from vinegar and orange peels

Many DIY cleaner recipes call for vinegar as the main ingredient and so does mine, but I add a little something extra. I make my own orange-oil infused vinegar at home, and it's really easy! I just saved the rinds of several oranges, put them into a large old jar and poured in vinegar. Two weeks later and I had vinegar that not only smelled a heck of a lot nicer, but also cleans better due to the orange oils.

In case you can't read my fancy all purpose cleaner recipe from the bottle, here it is:

All Purpose Cleaner
1/2 cup orange-infused vinegar (or normal vinegar if you don't have any orange rinds)
1/2 tsp washing soda
1/2 tsp Castile soap (please ignore my terrible spelling on the bottle)
2 cups of hot water

I literally just put all the ingredients into the bottle and then microwave 2 cups of water until it's just shy of boiling. Then I shake it all together in the bottle and wait until it dissolves, and it's ready to use!

You can also add lots of essential oils that help with various things, Tea Tree Oil is supposed to help disinfect (I tried it, it was stinky) and lavender is another popular additive for it's anti-bacterial properties (it smelled weird combined with oranges and vinegar). I personally prefer just my basic recipe, and let me tell you, this stuff really works! And I feel good about my kids eating foods straight off the counters.

Hilary:  I recently painted our bedroom a really bright tropical green and needed some dramatic wall art to match such a bold color!  I looked everywhere for affordable art and couldn't find it.  Finally, I went to Cost Plus World Market (love that store!) and saw this incredible gift bag.  I bought it, cut out the main picture, and put in into a great frame I got on clearance at Michael's (love that one too!) for $5 and voila!  A dramatic picture for my wall!

Price breakdown: $5 for frame + $4 for gift bag = $9 for wall art
cheap wall art from a gift bag for tropical room


  1. We were decorating my daughters room once and I did the same thing but with a bright spring flower pattern from paper plates!!!! I cut them out and framed them in smaller frames and made a little framed collage


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