Friday, October 19, 2012

Real Life Mommy Outfit #1

So occasionally I'm going to post what I'm wearing. Sometimes I'll post when I feel like I look especially cute, and sometimes I'll post when I don't feel so cute. In the spirit of being a real, live human being but also a mom who likes to look pulled together and trendy, I will show you what I am wearing to various "mommy" activities. This is outfit #1:

Playgroup at the park

 In this instance my four year old daughter had playgroup and we were meeting at a local park. I wanted to be warm and look reasonably good, but still be able to play in the leaves and quite possibly get dirty.

real life clothing styling for moms

I would also like to warn you all that I have on minimal makeup and have done absolutely nothing to my hair for these pictures. But I'm representing real mommies here so I'm ok with it!

real life clothing styling for moms

This is my go-to look for fall. The tunic/long shirt/dress over leggings/skinny jeans layered with a cardigan or light jacket. For winter I might mix it up and get super inventive by adding boots and a heavier coat over the cardigan. What can I say, when it works I don't mess with it! I know my body type pretty well and this look is flattering as well as comfy.

~ Jessica

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